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Suitable for teams of all sizes.

Built for your
Go-to-market teams

Folio is the all-in-one demo creation tool that can help cover all of your demo storytelling needs.

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Showcase your product with interactive tour

  • Gather new marketing leads and generate high-intent prospects.
  • Track your visitors’ behaviors to know what features they love.
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Deliver live demo and close more deal

  • Save your sales team tons of time and resource in demo preparation.
  • Accelerate sales cycle with personalized demo and smart insights.
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Customer Success

Increase customer adoption with tailored demo

  • Educate and onboard new customers with live demos and tours.
  • Enable customers to discover and try new features.
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Walk through new features in the early stage

  • Transform your design and prototype into guided materiel.
  • Tell the compelling project with your product demo.
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Enrich the knowledge base and help center

  • Bring a visual, interactive experience to your customers.
  • Walk through the users through a specific use case.

Create your
Interactive Demo

Folio offers a plethora of features that help businesses provide their prospects with the perfect product experience.

Capture screens

Easily capture your application screens just in a few clicks, including complete navigation, pictures, models, and tool tips.

Record flow

Analyze performance and understand viewer behavior. View key stats and behavioral data for an entire product tour or demo – and for individual screens.

Customize elements

Customize anything in your product with our no-code editor, including logos, numbers, text, features, and more.

Add guides

Guide your prospect with annotations to make sure they make the most out of your product demo.

Make it personal

Add a personal touch to your targeted outreach to guide your customer through the story.

Team collaboration

Share the story with your team and make your team personalize each demo in seconds with our publishing tool.

Integrate with tools

Get instant notifications for leads and views on your each Folio demo.



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