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Unleash the power of product-led growth by creating demos that vividly
tell a story and captivate your customers' attention.

Folio 2.0 - Transform your product demos into immersive experiences | Product Hunt

Create an Engaging and
Interactive Product Experience


With a few clicks,
you can:


Create interactive elements and personalized product demos for each prospect.


Develop ready-to-go templates for each use case.


Guide your potential customers through the demo with annotations.

Key Features

Home-Capture Screens

Capture Screens

Easily capture your application screens just in a few clicks, including complete navigation, pictures, models, and tool tips.

Home-Customize Screens

Customize Elements

Customize anything in your product with our no-code editor, including logos, numbers, text, features, and more.

Home-Add Guide Step

Add Guides

Guide your prospect with annotations to make sure they make the most out of your product demo.


Video Narration

Add a personal touch to your targeted outreach and guide your customer through the story.

Custom Branding Your Demos

Team Collaboration

Share the story with your team and make your team personalize each demo in seconds with our publishing tool.


Brand Authority

Elevate your brand's presence with the brand logo and company domain when sharing demos.

Versatile enough to meet all team demands

Reuse Template

Reuse Templates

  • Design replicable product demo templates for different use cases and invite your team to personalize and reuse
  • Control demos by managing collaborators with varying levels of access to view or edit

Customize Demos

  • Add custom logos for your demo share and leave a lasting impression on your brand
  • Personalize your product demo domain to elevate your brand's online presence and create a strong digital footprint
Demo Customize 2


  • Track demo viewers and engage with them promptly
  • Analyze viewer behavior to understand preferences and improve sales pitch
  • Capture leads with your customization forms for sales growth


  • Sync both leads and demo analytics data with your CRM or marketing platform.
  • Send notifications for leads and views on your Folio demo to your Slack channel.
  • Embed just about anything on your Folio demo.

Start your demo creation now!