May 11, 2013

10 Creative Demo Video Ideas to Market Your Brand

Demo videos are a great way to showcase your products or services to potential customers. They allow you to demonstrate what your brand offers engagingly and compellingly. If done well, demo videos can effectively build interest in your brand and drive sales. Here are ten creative demo video ideas to market your brand:

Show how your product works.

This is one of the most common types of demo videos. You demonstrate how your product functions and the key features or steps required to use it. This helps educate potential customers on what your product does and how it can benefit them. Focus on the key selling points and how it solves customer needs.

Highlight key features.

Rather than showing the entire product, you can create multiple short videos highlighting a different key feature. This approach works well if you have a complex product with many features. Keep each video under 90 seconds to hold the viewer’s attention. Link to your product page or an option to purchase at the end of each video.

Share a tutorial.

Tutorials are a great way to demonstrate how to use your product while educating potential customers. Show how to get started and walk them through essential steps. For software or online products, capture your screen and provide voiceover instructions. Make the tutorial practical and useful to build trust in your brand.

Offer a virtual tour.

Provide a virtual tour if you have a physical product or offer an in-person service. Use video to allow people to experience your offer without being on location. Film a tour of your store, office, factory, or other facility. Introduce your team and explain what you do. In the end, encourage people to come for an actual tour or make a purchase.

Interview an expert.

Interview someone with expertise or experience related to your product or industry. Have them demonstrate and discuss how your product works while you ask questions. Their insights and recommendations from real-world use will build additional credibility. Make sure you choose someone authentic who genuinely uses and likes your products.

Show customer stories.

Create demo videos featuring stories and testimonials from satisfied customers. Have them talk about their experience using your product and how it has benefited them. Customer stories help to build trust in your brand by showcasing people with results and success. Ask customers to share details that would be most compelling and useful to prospective buyers.

Discuss solutions to problems.

Explain and demonstrate how your product solves common problems or pain points for your target audience. Focus on problems you know customers struggle with and show how your product offers an effective solution. Viewers will be more interested in purchasing when it helps address their real needs and issues.

Compare with competitors.

Make a direct comparison of your product with your main competitors. Show how your product differs, highlighting the key advantages and superior features. Explain why customers should choose your product over the alternatives. Comparison videos can be an influential way to win over potential customers but be very careful to take a fact-based approach. Do not disparage competitors.

Share product updates.

For established brands with existing customers, demo videos are a great way to announce and showcase new product updates or features. Walk through the latest enhancements and innovations to educate customers on what has changed and how they can benefit from the updated product. These videos inform existing customers and show potential customers that your company is constantly improving its product.

Promote an event or sale.

Create a sense of urgency for viewers to purchase by promoting an upcoming event or sale. Demo key products and features, highlighting how much customers can save for a limited time. Mention the specific dates of the promotion and encourage people to act quickly to take advantage of special offers or discounts before they expire. This can prompt many viewers to make an immediate purchase.

Pro Tip: Use the Right Product Demo Tool

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With Folio product demo tool, you have everything you need in one place to create product demos and tutorials that captivate your audience and reflect well on your brand. Get started telling your story today with Folio, the all-in-one solution for compelling product storytelling.


In summary, leveraging visual content like demo videos is one of the most compelling ways to market your brand today. The ten ideas presented here, from product tutorials and virtual tours to comparison videos and customer stories, offer highly effective techniques for engaging your audience and driving sales. Keep your videos short, to the point, and focused on the benefits your brand provides. With a consistent video marketing strategy, you can build brand awareness, establish expertise and boost customer acquisition.

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