April 26, 2023

Revamp Your GTM Strategy with Interactive Demos: 4 Creative Ideas

Are you searching for new, innovative ways to improve your go-to-market (GTM) strategy? Are you bored with the traditional funnel model? If so, then you should consider incorporating interactive product demos into your strategy. In this article, we will explore four creative ideas that highlight the power of interactive demos and how they can benefit savvy product marketers.

The first idea is to make your demos self-serve. In today's market, buyers prefer to conduct their own research. According to Gartner, B2B buyers spend only 17% of their time meeting with potential suppliers, meaning that 83% of their buying journey is self-guided. One way to enable the self-serve buyer journey is by creating interactive product tours on your website. By featuring self-guided interactive demos on your product pages, feature pages, or blog content, prospects can experience the value of your product earlier and more often. This approach is a form of product-led growth (PLG), which is much more than just free trials or freemium offerings. PLG is about letting your product speak for itself and sell itself to potential customers.

The second idea for improving your GTM strategy is to speak directly to your target customers. Creating interactive demos tailored to specific personas involved in the purchase decision can be very effective. For example, an average of 11 people are involved in a typical B2B buying process, with as many as 20 involved in some cases. Therefore, creating bite-sized product demos customized for each persona and organizing them into a demo library on your website can help optimize conversion rates.

The third idea is to test different product messaging. With an interactive demo platform like Reprise, you can easily test how different product messages resonate with your intended audience. You can experiment with multiple demos approaching your product from different angles and see which ones get the most leads and engagement. After reviewing the analytics that you receive from your interactive demo platform, you can make changes and optimize your product tours accordingly.

The fourth idea is to send a demo in your next email marketing campaign. Instead of sending boring emails, you can send tailored demos to each persona list to target their individual pain points and concerns. This approach is efficient, scalable, and highly effective for engaging with prospects. Allowing prospects to forward the demo to anyone they think might want to take a look, creates a wider pool of engaged buyers, which makes for a more successful GTM motion.

Using interactive demos throughout the entire customer journey can benefit your GTM strategy in a variety of ways. Interactive product demos allow buyers to explore and experience your product on their own without any gatekeeping or friction, increasing the likelihood of them making a purchase. Forrester research shows that using Reprise led to 50% more conversions, increased marketing staff productivity by 50%, reduced time in the sales cycle, and had a stunning 323% ROI, proving the value of incorporating interactive demos into your GTM strategy.

In conclusion, if you're looking to improve your GTM strategy, consider incorporating interactive product demos. Through self-serve demos, personalized demos, messaging testing, and email campaigns, you can optimize your conversion rates and accelerate time-to-value, driving greater revenue and improved growth for your business.

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