April 27, 2023

Enhancing Product Marketing: The Impact of Guided Demos in 6 Game-Changing Ways

As product marketers shift towards a product-led approach, they are discovering significant success with embedding guided product demos on their websites. These demos help users experience the product’s “aha” moments without ever needing to log in, while also driving more qualified pipeline for sales teams.

While we have already highlighted the advantages of utilizing guided demos on websites, there are other ways demo creation platforms can help in achieving marketing goals. Here are six ways guided demos are transforming product marketing:

Sales Enablement Resource for a Product Launch

Preparing for a product launch and need to train your sales team on the new feature pack? You don’t need a perfectly clean demo environment; you just need a guided demo.

Demo creation platforms like Folio allow you to clone over your dev or demo environment and customize a product tour to display only the features you want to show– even if your product team isn’t completely done building or is still experiencing bugs!

It’s like having your own private demo environment that doesn't require your developers. The no-code dream! This will enable you to have even more time to train your sales team before pushing new features live to a production environment.

Soft Beta or Feature Launch to Customers

Need feedback from your customers before pushing your changes live to beta? Use guided demos to showcase what you’re building (or planning to build) before you announce your beta. Capture and customize a feature walkthrough for customer calls using your no-code demo creation platform. Ask them for feedback so you can work out the kinks before your new feature even gets to the beta!

Coming Soon” Product Tours

Trying to sell prospects on a future version of your product but having a hard time explaining the short-term roadmap?

If your product and engineering team are already working on their sprint in a dev environment, you can clone over their work and hand it off to your sales team to show to prospects. Just make sure to tell them that it’s still a work in progress!

This can help your prospects visualize how the future state of your product will impact their goals and help your sales team close deals that are teetering on the edge.

Upsell Current Customers to the Next Feature Pack

Tasked with driving expansion revenue? Have no fear – guided demos are here! In a product-led growth company, one of the challenges is that the product never seems quite ready to upsell customers on its own. This leaves the burden of demonstrating the new features’ value on GTM teams that own driving expansion.

Now, you can equip your customer-facing sales teams with guided demos of the upgraded features for use in their calls. You can even build out an interactive experience with app capture so your customers can fully experience the upgraded feature pack as if they were trialing it.

Yes, indeed – the future of product-led has arrived!

Keep Prospects Happy – Help Them Understand What’s Included in Their Pricing

There’s nothing a prospect hates more than the classic bait and switch. When a sales team shows them the full functionality of a product, they buy the lower-priced version only to find out the features they wanted weren’t included in their subscription. Talk about leaving a bad taste in your customer’s mouth.

Avoid upset customers by showing them exactly what features are included at each price point. Use guided demos to showcase each feature pack. You don’t need different demo environments; you just need to be creative in customizing the demo!

Ongoing Sales Enablement and Training

Got new sales reps on board? You can use guided demos to craft the perfect onboarding experience. Showcase your product’s value proposition and best-selling features to your sales team. Walk them through the “aha” moments for every target persona and use case with guided demos and store them in your LMS for ongoing enablement.

In the current market, customers are increasingly becoming more reliant on technology to make purchasing decisions. This has led to businesses investing more in digital marketing and sales techniques to drive product adoption and generate qualified leads.

Guided demos have emerged as one of the most effective ways to showcase products and services to prospects and customers. They enable users to experience the product without having to sign up for a trial or download an app. The result is an increase in qualified leads and a better understanding of the product’s value proposition.

However, guided demos can be used for more than just lead generation. As highlighted above, they can also serve as a sales enablement tool, assist with beta testing, provide insight into future roadmaps, and help upsell current customers. By leveraging demo creation platforms like Folio, businesses can create customized demos that cater to their specific needs and goals.

In conclusion, if you’re looking for an effective way to drive product adoption and generate more qualified leads, guided demos should be a part of your digital marketing and sales strategy. By utilizing demo creation platforms, you can customize your demos to suit your specific needs and achieve your marketing goals.

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