May 9, 2023

How to Give A Good Product Demo Presentation

As a SaaS company, giving memorable product demonstrations is key to winning new customers. Effective product demos highlight your software's key features and benefits compellingly. Here is a guide for crafting and delivering impactful product demos.

Preparing to Wow Your Audience

A compelling product demo presentation is crucial for landing new customers and promoting your SaaS software solutions. When prospective witness a live, engaging demo of your product in action, they can deeply understand the key benefits and truly appreciate the value you offer.To give a standout product demo:

  1. Do your homework and practice beforehand.
  2. Ensure you are familiar with your product's capabilities and best use cases.
  3. Prepare some tailored demo scripts highlighting features and workflows that match the specific needs of your target prospect.

With practice, you'll sound more confident and be able to provide a smoother, more persuasive experience.

Setting the Right Expectations

On the day of your demo, set the right expectations. Explain the structure and objectives of the presentation to keep the audience focused. Start with an overview of your company and solution to provide context. Share your product's key differentiators and what problems you solve. Highlight recent growth, awards, or industry recognition to build trust in your brand.

Engaging Your Audience

Once you dive into the demo, highlight the key features and functions that would be most relevant and useful to your audience. Showcase how those elements can save time, reduce costs, increase revenue, or optimize key metrics. Share real-world examples and case studies from existing customers whenever possible. An authentic story is far more compelling than just theoretical benefits.As you move through the demo, encourage questions and discussions. Pause periodically to ask for feedback or ideas. An interactive presentation will keep your audience engaged and make the content more memorable. Address any concerns or objections openly and honestly. Explain how you overcame similar challenges for other customers.

Making a Compelling Call to Action

End your presentation with a clear call to action, such as setting up a private trial or scheduling follow-up meetings with your team. Leave time for informal Q&A and networking as your guests evaluate how your software could suit their needs. Follow up with all attendees within a day or two to keep the conversation going.

Mastering the Art of the Product Demo

With practice and persistence, you can master the art of product demo presentations. Highlight the key differentiators of your SaaS solution, showcase real customer stories, encourage active participation, and issue a compelling call to action. Great demos can lead to more conversations, demos, and long-term customers. Keep at it and stay confident in your ability to sell the value of your product.

Bringing Demos to Life with Interactivity

Interactive product demos, enabled by product demo tools like Folio, can make presentations even more engaging and memorable. With interactivity, you can give audiences hands-on control of your software, guiding them through workflows step-by-step. They can explore features at their own pace, ask questions, and provide instant feedback on what's most useful or confusing.Interactive demos create a highly immersive experience for your prospects. They feel like they're truly using your product instead of just watching a staged demo. This leads to a deeper understanding of capabilities and greater confidence in the value your SaaS solution can provide. Audiences will leave more impressed and ready to take further action.Folio and similar product demo tools make creating and sharing interactive product demos easy. While navigating the app, you simply record your screen and microphone, then trim and enhance the video. Add highlights, callouts, and more to keep viewers engaged. Interactive demos can include real-time collaboration for joint demo sessions with remote participants.Moreover, interactive product demos pay off through higher conversion rates, larger deals, and more successful implementations. When customers fully grasp how your software works before purchasing, they avoid costly rework or needing extra handholding. Use the interactivity to strengthen trust in your brand, simplify complex features, and ensure customers hit the ground running.


With the right tools and techniques, you can bring your product demos to life and boost demo impact. Whether recorded or live, interactive presentations allow for a multi-sensory experience that sticks with audiences long after the demo ends. Make interactivity a standard sales process to accelerate customer success and fuel business growth. Remember, an interactive approach and in-person and on-demand demos will establish you as a leader in customer experience and support.

Cover Photo by Carlos Muza on Unsplash

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