April 28, 2023

The Importance of Product Demos for Achieving Success in Product Marketing

In today's digital age, product demos are an essential tool for customer acquisition and retention. While sales engineers (SEs) may be the go-to gurus in creating these demos, companies must recognize the valuable contributions that product marketing teams can make to enhance their demo strategy.

Product marketers are skilled storytellers and understand the importance of building a narrative around your product for different segments and audiences. They have a deep understanding of the people and personas your company needs to attract and the stories you need to tell to turn those prospects into customers. Enabling this team to play a pivotal role in demo creation is one way to leverage their storytelling skills and create more effective demos.

With the rise of product-led growth (PLG), product marketing has had to shift its approach to demo creation. Instead of solely helping the sales team sell the product, companies must now focus on selling the product directly on their website with little or no sales assist. Guided product demos on a website can provide prospects with an introduction to the value of your product, and they can be teasers, glimpses, or bite-sized PLG experiences.

To use guided product demos effectively, companies must consider what stage of the buying journey a prospect is in and what persona they belong to. For example, if the person viewing the demo is a user, a certain feature they will love or an outcome they need but struggle to find can be emphasized. If the person is a buyer, however, the focus should be on storytelling, highlighting the best pain point to solve and the screens that will make them say, "Oh wow, you solved this problem."

One of the most effective ways to create compelling product marketing demos is through an enterprise-class demo creation platform like Folio. Such a platform allows marketers to showcase products expertly at every stage of the buyer's journey, using interactive product tours and live demos that deliver accelerated value and drive action.

In conclusion, product demos are an essential tool for customer acquisition and retention, and product marketing teams can play a critical role in creating and using them effectively. Companies must recognize the value of this team's storytelling skills and enable them to take an active role in demo creation. By doing so, they can create more effective demos that target specific personas at different stages of the buying journey and leverage enterprise-class demo creation platforms like Folio to deliver accelerated value and drive action.

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